"When we made the decision to move mom and dad into assisted living, it was a difficult decision. They lived with my husband and me, with other family close by, for two years, and we cherished this time with them. However, caregiving became more and more difficult, and we knew we had to do something more.

I should not have worried. Moving mom and dad to Parkside was one of the best decisions we have ever made, and actually, should have made sooner. From the moment we walked into the door, the look and feel of the facility was very homelike and nurturing. Each and every person made us feel welcome, and made the transition easy.

I've worked in healthcare for over 40 years- first as a bedside nurse, and later as a hospital administrator. I know what good care is, and how extremely important compassion and quality care are, particularly for those most in need. I feel very good about the care that my parents have, and are receiving. Dad passed away last summer, and each and every one of the staff mourned with us as though they lost one of their own family. Mom is in Memory Care now, and we feel confident that she is continuing to receive loving and compassionate care. I could not praise Parkside enough for the good work that they do each and every day. It takes a special kind of person to work with the elderly and those with special needs, and Parkside has those special people in abundance."

"After visiting many assisted living and memory care units in the Columbus area, we are extremely excited and grateful to have found Parkside Village. From the moment dad arrived, the incredibly compassionate, talented and dedicated staff have treated him like family. The staff’s infectiously positive attitude permeates every interaction in the building and creates a happy and loving living environment. High quality standards are the norm at Parkside Village and are evident in the assistance dad receives from the staff, the delicious meals served and in all communications with our family. We are blessed to have found the perfect home for dad."

"Our family is delighted by Parkside. My mother moved there in the fall of 2012, and from the very first moment, it was abundantly clear that this is a caring, supportive, and quite dynamic community, set amidst the scenic beauty and logistical convenience of the Westerville area. When a problem, question or issue has arisen, it has been dealt with quickly and satisfactorily by the Parkside staff. Hence we don't think of Parkside as a "facility" or "institution"; we think of it as my Mother's home. It has been a great pleasure -- and it has engendered a great peace of mind for the rest of my family -- to watch my Mother thrive at Parkside."

"We moved my parents into Parkside Village the day they opened in April, 2012. It was one of the best decisions we have made concerning their care and well-being. There are many wonderful things we love about Parkside. When you come for a visit you will be able to see for yourself the wonderful facilities, the bright and open common areas, the choices of apartments, the beautiful country setting, and the numerous amenities. HOWEVER, the very best thing about Parkside Village has been the staff. They are without a doubt the most, friendly, caring, giving group of people you could ever hope to find. Every single staff member has gone out of their way to get to know our parents on a personal level, to discover their likes and dislikes, to make them feel welcome and a part of the community. The chefs not only make delicious meals, but they come out to the dining area and visit and get to know the residents. They asked Dad what his favorite pie was, and then served it to him the next night. They found out he liked his tea very hot, and not luke-warm. The activities-director found out Dad was not a “crafts” person, but loves musical programs, so she makes sure she comes to his apartment to remind him when a guest musician comes in. The medical staff has been easy to work with and extremely caring. When our mother passed away not long after we moved them to Parkside, the support from the medical staff was tremendous, but even more impressive was the support from EVERY staff member – from the receptionists at the front desk, to the housekeeping staff, to the maintenance men, who all came in frequently to check up on him in the weeks following her passing. We feel truly blessed to have found this wonderful community for Dad."

"Moving Mom to Parkside Village has proved to be a great decision for my sisters and I, but most importantly for Mom.  The caring approach started with my first visit on an unannounced tour, through the move in process, and more importantly after realizing Mom needed a different approach than we first thought.  We were dealt with in a professional manner that was so caring and genuine.  The change has been the right decision that we were a part of.  The communication with the staff regarding changes in Mom’s personality and health has been a breath of fresh air.  I have heard a few of the staff say, ‘it’s no problem, this is how I would want my Mom cared for.’ The staff seems to communicate internally and get along well.  This has all been a great change for Mom.  Keep up the good work and thanks for all you do!"

"Many years ago, a friend counseled me about finding a preschool for my oldest son.  'Don’t look for a place that he will love, look for a place that will love him.' Young or old, we all thrive when the people responsible for our care are kind, compassionate, and recognize what makes us unique.  The staff at Parkside doesn’t just know what my parents need; they understand who they are.  Mom and Dad have aged differently.  At Parkside they can continue to live together while Mom enjoys her independence and the social engagement, and Dad has the assistance he requires.  I have peace of mind knowing that the staff is looking out for each of their best interests.  Mom and Dad and I love Parkside, because Parkside loves them!"

"My mother is a resident in the Memory Care area. The staff is friendly, kind, caring and considerate. I especially like that there is a nurse on duty 24/7 to give any medical care that is needed. The staff is always ready to address any concerns that I have. But the best thing is that mom is comfortable and content at Parkside."

"My mother, Irene, moved into Assisted Living at Parkside Village in early January 2013. My husband and I first became interested in Parkside because of its nearness to our home. Upon visiting, we were impressed by its newness and cleanliness, the friendly staff and residents and the amenities that were offered. Since moving in, my mother has enjoyed various programs including singing, musical entertainment, reading and current events, baking and other activities. She has required more assistance as she has aged and the staff has been very accommodating to her needs. We are very pleased with her care here and would recommend it to those in need of an assisted living environment for themselves or for a loved one."

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