"My mother is very pleased with her experience. She's a retired RN and former DNO at a Cleveland hospital who understands patient care. She is very complimentary of the staff and the help she is receiving."

"I've come to recognize and see first-hand how great the staff and accommodations are."

"Moving my mom to an assisted living wasn't an easy decision, but she needed more one-on-one care. Before moving, our visits were spent making sure she was doing what she needed to do to stay healthy. I was her "mother" and our visits were not always pleasant. Now that she is settled into Danbury Woods, with the great care of the staff, I don't have to be her "mother" any more. They are the ones that handle her health concerns, keep an eye on her and make sure she is comfortable. Our visits are enjoyable now and I can go back to being her daughter again. – Jeanne Davies."

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